funny dog looking at mail trucks spying on the enemy

funny caption iphone 6 is $900 airplane mode better take me on vacation

funny willy wonka meme iphone 6 for an extra ince hope your girlfiend doesn't do the same

“Yet Despite Look On My Face You Are Still Talking” Funny T-Shirt

funny tshirt yet despite the look onmy face you're still talking

funny quote my blinkers don't work need fluid your car doesn't have blinker fluid I just said that

funny great way to propose  chest its danerous to go alone open with ring will you marry me

funny has anyone every notieced that the & symbol looks like a man dragging his button across the floor

funny caption harry potter if you didn't have feet would you wear sock no then why are you wearing a bra

funny caption that look you give someone walking realy slow in front of you

funny ecards you know you lowered expectations when you no longer want to raise a president just someone who flushes the toilet

funny tumblr i just stood outside a party and collected 3 dollars from everyone who came in don't even know whose party it was

funny ecard when i was your age i had to walk ten miles in the snow to get stoned and have sex