funny billboard sign nice drinks to the left up ahead dunno maybe bears don't risk it

funny quote i fold my laptop down very slowly at night so I don't squish you guys

funny road sign if rome was built in a day we would have used the same contractor

funny caption finally found at outlet for my phone in classroom hangning form the ceilng

funny remote actually has a futbol button

funny quote when you block your ex on everything and they message you on ebay

funny cartoon simpsons comic  10 things men know about women women have breast home woo hoo

funny photo mom steals kids trike tricycle betrayal toddler edition

funny cat pictures cat sits on back of man working the pharaoh  personally supervises slaves

funny caption yearbook photo girl holds fan to glow hair in yearbook photo unique

funny caption while driving to work today saw this buzz doll helping woody doll stay on truck

funny photo hoouse all done up in christmas  lights house next door lit up sign that says ditto with an arrow