funny caption baby picture dog standing hind legs hat glasses cigar mome gies zero context

funny dog picture singing i will alwaysl love you i will cut you

funny text message i've officially run out of excuses will likely be late because of who I am as a person

funny caption looking for someone who likes to take romantic walks to the fridge to get another beer

funny cartoon comic winter poem sh*t it is cold out there the end

funny photos man has extra computer screen that says i don't even need these one lol

funny smurf spongebob mixed character toy

funny cat pictures shadow looks like rat deep down timmy has spirit of giant rat

funny dogs albino puppy looks like Falcor from the Neverending Story

funny cow dressed like elephant

funny pull sign open 24/7 just like  your mouth just called me a whore

funny dog lying on floor looks like rainbow coming out of his butt