funny ecards marriage made me what i am today divorced

funny ecards sometimes i look around my house and wonder when the adults are going to arrive and straighten this sh*t out

funny ecards there is nothing more terrifying and pride inducing realizing your kids have inherited your smartass genes

funny ecard a husband is someone who after taking out the trash gives the impression that he cleaned the whole house

funny ecard my goal for the weekend is to move just enough each day so no one thinks that i am dead

funny ecards my kids call it yelling i call it motivational speaking for the selective listener

funny ecards don't need personal trainer need someone to slap unhealthy foods out of my hand

funny ecards people say love is the best feeling but i think finding a toilet when you have diarrhea is better

funny ecard i used to party all weekend now one night of drinking requires more recovery time than minor surgery

funnyecards if i wanted to wait in line for some fat man promises i'd start dating again

funny ecards why seel bras in walmart i'm the only one wearing one

funny ecard sometimes i wish my mouth had a backspace key