funny futurama meme burrito machine shut up and take my pesos

funny old lady grandma meme inhale exhale inex haha lele

funny i don't always meme watcha movie based on a book i read but when i do i always point out everything that is different

funny baby fist pump photo found in Korean restroom

funny bear meme i love my country i just don't like my government

funny one does not simply meme shave their mustache without stopping at the hitler

funny nothing to add to that meme homosexuals are gay

funny evil girl in front of fire meme santa gave me coal so i used it

funny bird meme grab a cup from back of cabinet so it doesn't feel ignored

funny kermit meme i don't say none of this sh#t

funny metled snowman water point meme

funny poster sign like a good neighbor stay over there grumpy cat