funny prank cut eye holes in toilet paper holders fill with glow sticks place in woods

Teacher Prank

funny tin foil aluminum classroom prank on teacher funny pranks

21st Birthday Prank – Classic

funny when my brother turns 21 coma prank

Air Horn Behind Door Prank

funny air horn behind door prank

Replace Air Freshener with Stinky Bait Spray Prank

funny replace air freshener can with stinky bait spray prank

Tied Scissors – This Could Drive a Coworker Nuts….

funny tied scissors prank

Mayonnaise in Cream Donuts

funny mayonnaise in cream donuts prank

Cubicle Covered With Post Its Cubicle Prank

funny cover cubicle with post it notes office prank

What Happens When You Have Coworkers With Too Much Time on Their Hands Office Prank

funny cabin office cubicle prank

Packing Peanut Filled Cubicle Office Prank

peanut filled cubicle office prank

Balloon Filled Cubicle Office Prank

funny balloon filled cubicle office prank

Picture Covered Cubicle – Office Prank

picture covered cubicle office prank picture