funny quote dropping a shampoo bottle in the shower is one of the most terrifying experiences in life

funny quotes bill burr on superbowl they talk during game and shut up for commercials the rage goes through me

funnyquotes i wonder if there is anyone who watches storage wars and says hey that's my sh@t

funny quote shopping carts in middle of store where my piride realizes i have too much to carry

funny quote and  i drink to myself what a wonderful world

funny uote cat's don't hate you do to ethnicty, secuality they hate you because you are a cat

funny quotes 12 Things Men Do Differently Then Women

funny quotes it's like boys are all oscars and i'm leonardo dicaprio

funy quote if it's the thought that counts then i should probably be in jail

funny quote when i bite into a york pepermint patty i get the sensation of chocolate covered toothpaste

funny quote ever see an ex on facebook and thnk whew i dodged a bullet on that one

funny quote i fold my laptop down very slowly at night so I don't squish you guys