funny twitter what if taco bell arrested me for soda i got ten years ago when i ordered water  taco bell response we haven't forgotten

funny twitter jon risinger watched my one year old laugh hysterically blanket head run into dresser my legacy

funny twitter yes might have stuck my dick in a shoe but let's live in the now

funny twitter ellen degeneres apple watch check wrist for time brilliant

funny twitter post woman dollar bills beyonce

funny twitter let my daughter go to drake concert thought disney with josh

funny twitter my pizza has nothing on it never mind opened it upside down

funny twitter bad at portionsing uncooked pasta  so if you and 110 of your friends come over dinner is ready

funny twitter tweet bill murray if cold beer and pizza can't fix your problem is it really a problem that needs to be fixed

fumny twitter saw my ex getting jumped by six people jumped in she didn't stand a chance against the seven of us

funny caption when the cops come inthe store and i have weed on me

funny twitter girl drives childs car to school and parks it