Making a Delicious Pasta Dinner – Nailed it!

funny making a delicious pasta dinner - nailed it photo - cooking fails

First Attempt at Cupcakes With Chocolate Frosting – Nailed It!

dog poop chocolate cupcakes

Rainbow Jello Cake – Nailed It

funny rainbow jello cake - nailed it photo

Wendy’s Cheese Fries Advertisment – Wendy’s Actual Fries – Nailed It!

funny nailed it picture wendy's ad vs reality

Free Cookies With Pizza – Put Cookies on Pizza – Nailed It!

funny pizza topped with cookies nailed it!

Sleeping Beauty Gown – Nailed It!

funny sleeping beauty nailed it picture

Sexy Pose – Nailed It!

funny sexy pose imitation picture nailed it

Tattoo of Girlfriend in Mirror – Nailed It! …Now Questions Is…. Why ?

funny nailed it tattoo girl in mirror

Nature Immitating Art – Nailed It!

funny real life looking like cartoons nailed it

Pikachu Cake – Nailed It!

pikachu cake - funny nailed it baking fail

Delicious Smashed Potatoes – Nailed It!

funny baked potato nailed it picture

String Art – Nailed It!

string art - craft fail - nailed it