funny note ymca application where did you hear about us village people

funny note in steamed car farted can't breathe

I Know Some Boyfriend or Husband is Getting Some After this Note

funny note great husband note scale i don't care what this things says i love you just the way you are

funny note dear dark sedan i will find you dad

funny note covered myself with frosting so boyfriend could like it off intead he wiped me clean because on a diet a boy with abs they said it'll be fun they said

funny note sorry you had a bad day come in and grab a boob when you're ready

funny note and this is where we would have our welcome mat if it hadn't been stolen

funny note warning very angry bug under cut ate his way out

funny sign alfred hitch  cock the legend

funnynote don't touch yourself ask the staff thank you

funny notes united states army logistic operations

funny notes every year send random notes to people to screw with their heads