funny twitter post tweet ex just posted happy 1 year anniversary to her new guy 9 months after we broke up

funny twitter i will do anything to avoid washing dishes aluminum foil in bowl

funny twitter i'm God's gift to women if he stopped at the gas station at the last minute

funny twitter the person who named eggplant is probably not allowed to name things anymore

funny twitter if  you live to 100 mess with people claim you ate a pinecone everyday

funny twitter why does selena gomez look like she has babies trying to escape from her knees

funny twitter big guy small plane response we fly over mountains not carry them

funny twitter dominos not happy with pizza came in shape of penis

funny twitter when people ask me what i am doing on my day off

funny twitter girlfriend busted a woman is like wifi  fullof knowledge always there for you and shared by roommate when you're not home that's right amy i know

funny twitter post so glad television redefined marathon opposite of physical exercise

funny twitter what if taco bell arrested me for soda i got ten years ago when i ordered water  taco bell response we haven't forgotten