funny facebook status this is the best Christmas I've had all year

funny facebook wizard is never late nor is he early arrives precisely when he needs to appareantly doesn't work arriving home at 2am

funny facebook helped a child with groceries gang saw me showed me secret handshake and that is how I accidentally joined a mexican gang

funny strawberry smoothie just add strawberries milk and ice then what am i buying this for

funny facebook status need to far sitting in front of vent can cropdust entire auditorium

funny gay flight attendant princess vs queen

funny facebook status go a full week  without telling a lie  tried that once got divorced and lost my job

funny facebook kim kardashian offered million dollars to spend one night with Saudi Prince have a child called middle east

funny facebook status after much research i have decided that adulthood is not for me

funny facebook women's poem vs man's poem

funny facebook status wrong number but what kind of cheese recommendations do you have i love cheese

funny facebook grammer police guy won't quit