funny quote you can lead a horse to water i'd rather ride it to the liquor store

funny quotes it's better to arrive late than to arrive ugly

funny quote fighing over race is like fighting over favorite color m&ms

funny quote optimist pessimist train conductor

funny when you know u mama mad at you but gotta walk past her to get food from kitchen

funny quotes i don't want my family to judge me so i walk past them with 2 cookies on plate and 4 in my pockets

funny quotes admit it we've all hidden our favorite food from our family at least once

funny quote it's so damn cold outside i just farted snowflakes

funny quote i wasn't that drunk dude you were using the flashlight to find your phone

funny quote as  you older the more lame things will seem than before this will not change i promise you get the

funny george carlin quote invisable man in sky most people believe wet paint sign people have to touch just to make sure

funny quote we ask 18 year olds to make huge decisions when a month ago they had to ask to go to the bathroom