funny tumblr lesbian my sister is saying i'm not one just haven't met the right guy

funny tumblr God shines on taylor swift and ben stiller to stop making bad movies

funny tumblr looks like lorax

funny tumblr post hairless cat sleeping ball looks like potato or uncooked chicken

funny tumblr imagine is you could screencap life yes its called a camera or photo or picture

funny cartoon when i look in the mirror vs when i take a picture

funny tumblr license plaate xodus3 5 looke it up says do not come any closer

funny tumblr why i love pixar you know an animator is askings so how would a tortilla move

funny funniest mind blowing story friend of five years had more than one cat and I didn't know

funny sign christmas just how good to I have t be

funny status whoever postd a ad on craigs list about free baby goat

funny tumblr adding icecream to soda in australia is called a spider everything in Australia is a goddamed spider