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Funny Pooping Pooches 2020 Calendar

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Revenge To The Next Level

A Little Back Story on The Poop Tattoo

Supposedly Ryan Fitzjerald, her boyfriend, was a tattoo artist. He found out his girlfriend, Rossie Brovent (above), was cheating on him with a friend and he didn’t let on that he knew. He plied her with alcohol before having her sign a consent form agreeing a design ‘at the artist’s discretion’. She thought he was tattooing a scene from Narnia. Then she found out that he had done this.

Rossie supposedly sued him for $100,000 and won. The original story of this goes back to 2009. However, others have done their research and have not been able to find proof of any actual court case. Therefore we have no idea if this story is true, but can you imagine if it is?

This would have to be one of the biggest cheating revenge stories of all time.

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