Flip Cooker! Make 7 Perfect Eggs or Silver Dollar Pancakes At Once

Just Fill With Pancake Batter or Eggs – Flip it over – And instantly have 7 perfectly sized Pancakes or Eggs! Saves tons of time and effort!

Fun Ways to Update Your Kitchen with Awesome Modern Items That Look Nostalgic

10 Ugliest Funniest Hanukkah Sweaters 2019

Tipsy Elves Men’s Challah Funny Hanukkah Sweater – Ugly Hanukkah Sweater

Faux Real Men’s Ugly Funny Hanukkah Sweater Long Sleeve Shirt

Faux Real Men’s Sublimated Mazel Tov! Ugly Holiday Long Sleeve T-Shirt (Front View)

Faux Real Men’s Sublimated Mazel Tov! Ugly Holiday Long Sleeve T-Shirt (Back View)

Funny Ugly Hanukkah Sweater – Deck The Halls With Matzo Balls

Tipsy Elves Men’s Happy Llamakkah Ugly Hanukkah Sweater

Festified Men’s Chanukah is Funakah Ugly Hanukkah Sweater in Blue

Men’s Funny Jewnicorn Ugly Chanukah Sweater Men’s Funny Jewnicorn Chanukah Sweater – Jewish Unicorn Holiday Sweater

Forum Novelties Men’s Lite-Up Menorah Chanukah Sweater

Costume Agent Hanukkah Symbols Pattern Ugly Sweater

Funny Light Up Ugly Hanukkah Sweater “It’s Hanukkah Bitches”

Great DIY Custom Homemade Rattatoullie Costume Idea

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Great Mens Halloween Costumes

Not Funny – But Super Important Life Saving Item! Dechoker – Anti Choking Device

All Joking Aside! While our site is almost 100% dedicated to humor and entertainment, every once in a while we come across a product that is super important for our readers to be aware of.

This item can literally save your life – particularly if you live alone or have an infant or small child in your home. The Dechoker is a device that can help dislodge items stuck in your throat in a safe manner. Even if you do not purchase this item through this website – please check it out to find out more about it. It is THAT important!

Rick and Morty 5 Panel Canvas Wall Art