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Elf Doctor ELF Flex Elf Upgrade Kit Make Your Elf Flexible & Bendable

It’s Getting Close to that Time of year again. The Beginning of December is right around the corner and it is time to come up with all new places and ways to display your Elf on a Shelf figure!

This adorable kit gives you many, many more options to make your Elf bend, grip, stick or hang in the most unusual (and fun) places!

Great DIY Custom Homemade Rattatoullie Costume Idea

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Great Mens Halloween Costumes

Not Funny – But Super Important Life Saving Item! Dechoker – Anti Choking Device

All Joking Aside! While our site is almost 100% dedicated to humor and entertainment, every once in a while we come across a product that is super important for our readers to be aware of.

This item can literally save your life – particularly if you live alone or have an infant or small child in your home. The Dechoker is a device that can help dislodge items stuck in your throat in a safe manner. Even if you do not purchase this item through this website – please check it out to find out more about it. It is THAT important!

Rick and Morty 5 Panel Canvas Wall Art

Cool Vintage Design Cereal Bowls

Vintage Style Kellogg’s Cereal Bowls!

Cool 3D Snack, Cereal or Soda Magnets

Toy Story 4 – 2019 Best Selling Backpacks

You Can Own These Funny Cat Socks

Funny Fleece Onesie Pajamas For Women

Funny Retro Hoodies & T-Shirts

Funny Crazy Socks

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