Great DIY Custom Homemade Rattatoullie Costume Idea

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Great Mens Halloween Costumes

Not Funny – But Super Important Life Saving Item! Dechoker – Anti Choking Device

All Joking Aside! While our site is almost 100% dedicated to humor and entertainment, every once in a while we come across a product that is super important for our readers to be aware of.

This item can literally save your life – particularly if you live alone or have an infant or small child in your home. The Dechoker is a device that can help dislodge items stuck in your throat in a safe manner. Even if you do not purchase this item through this website – please check it out to find out more about it. It is THAT important!

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Because You Asked….

OK – Because so many people asked us on the Pinterest Link where they could get their own Label Maker – we decided to include it here.